Hello, we’re 84° and Sunny, a globally minded, locally immersed, innovation, strategy, and design firm here to do meaningful work that connects and creates impact. Our name may be unexpected, but so are we. We are creative agents for change, helping organizations move out of their comfort zones and into our playgrounda space where revolutionary ideas become reality and drive growth.


84° and Sunny embodies the vision and personality of our agency. It represents:

  • The average daily temperature in Hawaiʻi, a consistent optimal environment for growth, and—dare we say it—thriving!
  • Our open, creative, energetic and playful personality: we are dynamic and disciplined practitioners who are serious about our work in an imaginative, innovative, and playful way.
  • The way that a warm sunny day renews vitality, a feeling we hope to impart though every experience with our team. 


Welcome to our High Noon blog, where we’ll explore relevant industry topics, discuss exciting and emerging trends, and mix in plenty of our own inspired ideas and entertaining musings—we’ll talk shop.

At 84° and Sunny, our culture encompasses a love for continuous learning, an innate curiosity, and a passion for our work.

So it’s fitting that the name of our blog is inspired by the ʻōlelo noʻeau (words of wisdom), kau ka lā i ka lolo (the sun rests on top of the head, or brains). High noon is the time of day when the sun is at its highest point and casts no shadow—it’s when all your mana (power) is inside you and you are strongest, at your most powerful to produce prolifically and effect the greatest growth. 

High Noon is our way of sharing and cultivating knowledge as masters of our crafts.

We hope you’ll join the conversation.