In the broadest of terms, patterns can be defined as “discernible regularity,” or a series of shapes, forms, sounds, processes, etc. that repeat in a consistent, identifiable manner. We are surrounded by patterns from our very first breath and they interweave themselves into our lives through language, nature (e.g., weather), numbers, symbols, colors and sounds; they can be naturally occurring or manmade or a mix of both. Patterns are so important that entire professions have been developed to identify them, understand their function, and utilize them to humanity’s benefit whenever possible.

In terms of design, patterns can be functional (such as a dress pattern), decorative, or provide the framework for a larger composition. When developed within a cultural context, patterns can also symbolize core values, deities, iconic species, or important practices.

For 84 and Sunny, we create patterns for their visual impact and the deeper layers of meaning that can be presented through images in order to enhance a company’s brand. One example can be seen in how we have used our own suite of three customized icons to create both patterns as well as logos for specific elements of our business and creative practice.

Take our newest pattern––Lightning. The symbolism here is about inspiration, innovation, and being forward thinking. The lightning bolt speaks to being trailblazers both in how we think and process ideas, as well as how we do work for our clients. The old saying is that lightning never strikes twice, but the data shows otherwise. At 84 and Sunny we love this notion of repeated inspiration because it underscores our belief in the power of intent. To have repeated success, one must be skilled and constantly improving and identifying emerging trends. Winning ideas and strategies are not due to happenstance or luck. Our lightning strikes twice because we plan it that way!

Pattern sample

Next is our Sunrise/Sunset pattern. It signifies the beginning and end of the day, two times in addition to high noon that hold significance for many cultures. At sunrise, the world begins again. We are all given the chance to start anew, follow our passions, and to add value to the lives of others. At sunset, the day comes to an end and we are able to reassess our efforts, be grateful for what we have, and set our positive intentions for the next day. Our sunrise/sunset pattern showcases our commitment to lawe i ka ma’alea a ku’ono’ono (to acquire a skill and then master it). We seek to make each day an opportunity to learn, practice, and grow–to improve ourselves and our capacity to serve our clients.

Last, our pattern High Noon is both the name and the main visual for this blog. Signifying the time of day when the sun is at its highest point and casts no shadow, it’s also when all your mana (power) is inside you. You are at your strongest and able to produce prolifically and effect the greatest growth. The pattern is meaningful and fitting because our blog is our way of sharing and cultivating knowledge as masters of our crafts.

When developing patterns for our clients, the 84 and Sunny Creative Team first makes an assessment of the company’s current branding and marketing. We then discuss the company’s vision, mission, and organizational culture, and work to identify the messaging (internal and external) that could most benefit from being paired with a meaningful icon and a complimentary suite of patterns.

Download our free Don’t Be Square 2017 Pattern and set of collateral or contact us if you want to develop a series for your company.