Our programs are the culmination of decades of experience shaping some of the world’s most influential and ambitious brands across sectors and continents. Each program is designed with the right mix of services, activities, and methods to offer our clients everything they need and nothing they don’t.


Change seeker meet your maker

Change is often mandated, difficult, and disruptive—it pushes people out of their comfort zone and keeps them there, uncertain and fearful. It sounds awful and feels worse, so it’s no surprise that 75 percent of change initiatives fail. Our program takes a different approach. It was designed to harmonize the needs of the individuals and the organization and to bridge the gap between the current situation and the future desired state with sustained results. More than a change process, AMPLIFY is an engine for organizations that seek to accelerate the change process. It lays the foundation for an organization’s future success, initiates action, and builds and sustains momentum throughout the transformation process.

We believe in movements, not mandates. We invite individuals into the process so they have ownership and feel connected and invested. We provide frameworks and tools that empower, and we offer purpose and clarity in the face of ambiguity. Our program builds a movement through a network of champions and change agents at every level, resulting in a nimble and adaptive organization that moves forward with agility and purpose.
For the most challenging environments (think: stagnant, disengaged, complacent, and resistant) we have a short but powerful primer process to help leaders prepare themselves and their workforce and better manage the disruptive nature of change.


Create a collective call to action

Not to be confused with mission or vision, purpose is the reason you exist. Corporate culture is a living organism that survives and thrives in a state of constant change—and this isn’t possible without a clear sense of purpose. Everyone wants to find meaning in their work and know they are creating value—what they want, and need, is purpose. And every organization or group seeking to improve its engagement and contribution, evolve, or inspire people to think and behave differently needs to start with purpose.
Organizations that embody a purpose are inspiring for those who work in them and with them—and inspiration is a key to action. These cultures are also more resilient; through inevitable times of change, uncertainty, and instability, purpose will help an organization find its way forward and help leaders illuminate the path ahead.

This program is designed to help guide you through the steps to find—or reconnect with—your purpose, articulate it effectively to inspire others, and help your people connect to the purpose behind their work. We provide strategies to elevate, align, and unify around a shared purpose, nurturing a purpose-driven organization and leadership.


A new paradigm for problem-solving

RETHINK is designed to help leaders, groups, and organizations understand and adopt a growth mindset and tackle wicked problems. Our integrated approach, informed by change studies and by design and systems thinking, is presented in a useful framework with an actionable suite of tools.

First we learn, and then we help you unpack, understand, and rethink challenges during a problem-solving session designed around the specifics of your challenge. Throughout the journey, we work together with your team, nudge you out of your comfort zone, challenge your assumptions, and guide you through the process to identify a new realm of solutions. Breakthroughs expected!

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