Unlock potential by learning the fundamentals of new concepts, practices, and thinking.


Introduction to the principles and process of Design Thinking—a creative and human-centered approach to problem-solving. We will guide you through the five-step process with interactive and hands-on exercises. Starting with empathy, which is gaining attention lately for good reason, we will explore the critical role this quality plays in strengthening all functions of business (and life) and teach you how to improve any situation by hugging it out (we’re kidding). From there we will move through the next four stages and learn how to apply them in your world and to your problems in meaningful ways.


The box is comfortable, predictable, status quo. But for people doing important work, it’s not where you want to be. Some people move in and out of the box effortlessly, and others live outside permanently; however, most are flummoxed about how to find this never-never land. Our workshop will show you what it means to have a growth mindset, how you can nudge yourself out of the box, and how to manage the discomfort so you can think and do your best work. Knowing how to create the right conditions to move into this mindset supports higher levels of creativity, bigger thinking, and intentional flow states.


A brand is more than a logo and a catchy slogan. Learn the basics of brand identity, from defining and designing to differentiating and stewardship. An introduction to a proven process used by brand builders around the globe, this workshop on brand fundamentals is filled with useful insights that will be valuable to professionals and businesses alike. You will learn tips to set yourself apart, establish yourself in the market, or revitalize an existing brand.


Creativity is no longer just for artists and designers; it’s considered one of the most important factors in business and plays a vital role in helping us do our best work. The challenge, of course, is that most business environments are not designed to foster it. Our workshop will help even the most uninspired build their creative muscle and capacity. We have designed activities and will introduce techniques to help you shift from left brain to right brain and spur creativity.


Connect with others and inspire action through high-impact storytelling. We introduce you to the basic concepts, processes, and structures that will help you craft powerful and compelling narratives. Once you understand the formula, you can apply it to any medium, from speeches and PowerPoint presentations to film.

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