Always Ahead. Always Relevant. Always Effective.

We're not your typical agencywe are catalysts for change. Everything at 84 and Sunny embodies a culture of creativity and innovation, from who we are to how we work to what we create.

84 and Sunny is a globally minded, locally immersed, full-service agency here to do work that connects people and creates impact. Our mission is to elevate the profile of Hawaiʻi businesses and energize their organizations through strategic roadmaps for positive change and a more meaningful brand experience for customers. We help our clients achieve long-term success in a diverse and rapidly changing market by providing creative and adaptive methodologies that are based in industry expertise and best practices, built on international business experience, and tailored to the unique needs of our island home.

We are disciplined practitioners who are serious about our work in an imaginative, innovative, and playful way. Our name may be unexpected, but so are we. We help organizations move out of their comfort zone and into our playground—a space where bold ideas become reality and drive growth.


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Our free 2017 Pattern and set of collateral was designed for pioneers, visionaries, innovators, and disruptors. The people and organizations who think and live outside the box, push the status quo, and seek to have big impact. Big thinkers and drivers of change, we celebrate you!

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The Right Method. The Right Message. The Right Medium.


We map the current needs of your business, provide a clear framework for its future, and develop creative practices to help you inspire your workforce and better connect with your audience. We guide you along the journey from assessment and planning to implementation to complete transformation.

Services: Agile Management, Change Management, Digital Transformation Strategy, Experience Design (Digital & Physical), Innovation Strategy, Marketing & Communications Strategy


Our content strategists and practitioners are guided by a relentless focus on the clarity of our clients’ communications. We listen first, then take advantage of the collective expertise of our communications team to provide your business with clear and effective messaging that resonates with your audience.

Services: Communications (Internal & External), Content Management, Editing, Ideation, Information Architecture, Storytelling, Writing


We bring boundless imagination and creativity to the process of brand identity (new or revitalized), visual storytelling, and design. We take you from initial concept through implementation—with the guidance you need to move forward as steward of your own brand.

Services: Art Direction, Brand Identity, Collaborative Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics & Animation, Visual Storytelling


Our technologists build and manage all of your channels (website, social, SharePoint) to provide your audience with the optimal experience across devices and browsers. From there, we measure and optimize—providing you with the data and insights you need to make smart decisions over the long term.

Services: Analytics, Development, Mobile, SEO, SharePoint, Social Media, Website Management


An adaptive mindset is essential.

Hawaiʻi is a special place with a very diverse and rapidly changing market. Adaptive businesses know they need the flexibility to embrace change and the realities (and opportunities) that it brings, or risk becoming irrelevant.

The right approach is everything.

Your approach determines your success. It takes the right mix of capabilities and strategies to ensure brand and organizational readiness and effectively lead your business into emerging dynamic markets.

A strong brand doesn’t happen by chance.

The best brands are relevant, meaningful, and respect the layers of culture. To create and grow these brands requires developing culturally appropriate messaging and brand identities that connect, have impact and can transcend geographic boundaries.

There is no one-size-fits all solution.

Every business is different. Our approach accounts for the certainty of change in Hawaiʻi and the unique needs and goals of your business, creating a bridge between your brand and Hawaiʻi’s future.

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Illustration of Brandi Martin

Brandi Martin
Founder and President

Illustration of Nai`a Lewis

Naiʻa Lewis
Creative Director

Illustration of Luukia Archer

Lu`ukia Archer
Director of Cross-Cultural Communications




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Honolulu, HI 96816

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